About Us

We were a group of artists before we were photographers. That’s why each photograph is more than just a shot for us.

It’s a story captured through our lens, a story we had so much pleasure and fun to be invited over to document. 

A story of love, passion, joy, and intimacy shared between people who all came on that day to receive and give emotions. We want to be there with you in all your once in a lifetime moments. We promise to light up your day the same way you’ve planned and fantasized. Our lit spirits aim to draw eternal smiles on your faces, and make you relive every feeling of your day every time you look back at your pictures.

At Occhio Studios, we know how this day is a rollercoaster of feelings. We will be there for you, capturing all your sentimental emotions to then transmit them in an artistic frame that reflects exactly the spirit of the day. A piece of art lasts for years telling the same story its owner has experienced the first day he showed it to the world; and that’s how we aspire to make your day.