About Us

We were a group of artists before we were photographers. That’s why one photograph for us is more than just a shot we’ve taken. It’s a story captured through our lens, a story we had so much pleasure and fun to be invited over to document. It’s a story of love, passion, joy, and intimacy shared between people who all came on that day to receive and give emotions. We want to share those moments with you. We want to light up your day the same way you’ve planned and fantasized before. We are lit spirits who have a pure passion for drawing smiles on your face when you look back at your pictures and reminisce all the deep feelings you’ve felt that day. This day is a unique day for you and your loved ones. This day is a kaleidoscope of feelings, and we don’t want to miss any fragment of feeling shared during that day. We are here to capture all the sincere sentimental emotions fluttering in the air, to transmit them later in a frame, just the exact way they were experienced on your day. We want to share those feelings with you before we keep them locked timelessly in a photograph. Since a photograph for us is a piece of art; we need to be indulged at the moment with you to let impressions speak instead of words. A piece of art lasts for years telling the same story its owner has experienced the first day he showed it to the world; and that’s how we aspire to make your day.

Meet Our Team

Abdulrahman Owes

—CEO & Wedding Photographer

I started my journey of photography eight years ago, back when I discovered my passion for documenting moments and memories from different angles. My interest of wedding photography actually came out of my love for being around people sharing them their enthusiasm and zeal, as I like to add my spirit in all weddings I’m privileged to attend. That’s why a wedding for me is not just a day I pass taking photos. Instead I indulge in every minute; every laugh, and every giggle. I spend the whole day with the bride and groom sharing them their emotions and souvenirs. A wedding for me is more than a day I have to document; but each wedding I have attended had some unique special memories carved inside my heart.

Alaa Shaaban

—Management Director & Wedding Photographer

Choosing wedding photography was an appealing choice. As I’m a person who doesn’t like routine, weddings were my favorite destination to meet new people each day. I like to be around people in this specific day to capture every step they’re taking with love, passion and intense. I started being a photographer when I was 16, but weddings felt like the best destination ever; this is where I want to be.

Abdelaziz Mahmoud

—Creative Director &Wedding Photographer

Daily life, daily moments, crowded streets… those were my first inspiration when I started my career as a photographer . I started my journey four years ago - when i was twenty-, and never took photography as just a job that covers his needs. I’ve always been passionate about showing my talent of capturing sentimental photos that express: mood, spirits, and vibes. That’s when I realized that weddings are the place I need to be. I want to share people with their unique mystical day, I want to capture all the detailed memories in artistic photographs. That’s why I have worked on myself to have my own style: a style of storytelling. Since every photographer has his special way of showing the world through his lens, I wanted to develop my own style of telling sentimental stories through my lens; stories that keep their feelings locked in a photograph forever.



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